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Luke was born in the UK & came with his family to France when he was 2 years old. He followed a traditional French education and started playing the guitar after a serious knee injury stopped him from playing football. He progressed quickly and decided to make music his career rather than his hobby, so after lycée  he moved back to the UK to study at BIMM (Brighton Institute of Modern Music) whose teachers include Jake Shillingford (My Life Story), Chris Difford (Squeeze), Kenwyn House (Reef) and Steve Smyth (Nevermore & Testament).

Luke obtained both the Diploma in Modern Music (Guitar) and the Professional Diploma in Modern Music (Guitar). During his time at BIMM he met and went to Master classes with Lemmy (Motorhead), Adrien Legg ( Accoustics), Guthrie Govan (world famous sessions player), Nate Watts ( Stevie Wonder’s bassist) and the rock group “Feeder”.

Luke's tastes and influences in music are extremely diverse. He grew up listening to rock music, such as Bryan Adams, ACDC, Guns'n'Roses and ZZ Top. He then moved on to metal bands such as Rammstein and Arch Enemy.

 He has had a love of classical music since he was young, which developed into an interest in symphonic metal when he discovered Nightwish, Within temptations, Dimmu Borgir, and the neo-classical guitar hero, Yngwie Malmsteen. He then fell in love with Joe Satriani's music. Satch has been his favourite artist ever since.

Modern Country is also one of his passions, due to the very fast licks and skill needed for this genre. Brad Paisley is his favourite country singer.